Volkswagen Passat Commercial Music – ‘Beth What Can I Do?’

Volkswagen Commercial Music 2016 – Band and song information for the new VW Passat ‘Beth, What Can I Do?’ TV advert.

Song Name: Beth.

Band/Singer: KISS.

Download the full length track from: iTunes & Amazon.

Volkswagen’s ad for the newly redesigned Passat features a song called ‘Beth’ by the hard rock band KISS.

Taken from the groups fourth studio album ‘Destroyer’, this ballad was released as a single in 1976 and climbed as high as number 7 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. Many years later, Beth remains the glam metal bands highest-charting single in America.

The VW commercial’s storyline fits in with the soundtracks lyrics: ‘Beth I hear you calling, but I can’t come home right now. Me and the boys are playing, and we just can’t find the sound. Just a few more hours and I’ll be right home to you. I think I hear them calling, oh Beth what can I do?’

A father is out with his kids when Beth tries unsuccessfully to contact him. After the group take a trip to an amusement park, drop mints into bottles of Coke and enthusiastically try out the instruments at a local music store, they finally head for a night at the bowling alley and take in a movie.

Having spent the entire day avoiding his partners call, the guy finally uses his Passat to text her the message “Beth, what can I do?” Rather than asking him why the heck he hadn’t called all day, she simply replies “Pick up milk”.

The above 60-second version of the ad premiered on the German car manufacturers USA YouTube channel on December 16, 2015. According to VW, this midsize family sedan offers users full-size family fun, Volkswagen style.