Toys R Us Holiday Commercial Song – ‘I Was Born a Dreamer’

Toys R Us Commercial Music, Holidays 2015 – Singer and song facts for the emotional ‘May You Get Exactly What You Wish For’ TV and YouTube Christmas campaign.

Song Name: I Was Born a Dreamer.

Band/Singers: SHEL.

Download the track from: iTunes and Amazon.

The latest Christmas commercial from Toys”R”Us features a song called ‘I Was Born a Dreamer’ by the Colorado-based folk/pop band SHEL.

This beautiful piece of music was first included on the compilation album ‘Songs for Shelter Me’, which was released in October, 2014. A year later and the song has now been released for download as an individual single.

Lyrics from the song used in the 1-minute ad are: ‘All dreams start out small, sometimes you don’t know they’re there at all. But I lay awake wishing on these stars, all the while knowing in my heart. I was born a dreamer. Oh say you believe in me.’

SHEL, who’s name is an acronym for the groups members names, consist of four sisters: lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Eva, vocalist and keyboard/accordion player Hannah, vocalist and bassist/fiddler Sarah, along with Liza on percussion.

As you’ve already seen, the Toys R Us advert centres around a man and his young son getting ready for the festive season, with the farther trying to be the best parent he can on his own. Just when it looks like it’ll be just the two of them spending Christmas together, a seemingly automatic remote control car turns out to be driven by what the boy really wished for – His mum back home from the military.

The above full length version of the video was uploaded to the official Toys R Us YouTube channel on November 24, 2015, with a shorter edit having been added more recently.