Toyota Commercial Song – NASCAR ‘Let’s Go Places’ TV Ad

Toyota TV Ad Music 2016 – Song and band information for the car manufacturers latest ‘Let’s Go Places’ YouTube and TV commercial.

Song Name: King Of The World.

Singer/Band: Young Rising Sons.

Download the full track from: Amazon & iTunes.

Toyota’s new fast-paced ad campaign features a song called ‘King Of The World’ by the New Jersey-based indie pop band Young Rising Sons.

Taken from the groups self-titled EP that also includes the track ‘High’, this catchy tune was released for download in July, 2014.

Young Rising Sons are a four-piece band who got together in 2010. Their line-up consists of singer and guitarist Andy Tongren, lead guitarist Dylan Scott, bassist Julian Dimagiba and drummer Steve Patrick.

This ‘Let’s Go Places/Let’s Go Victory’ commercial premiered on Toyota USA’s official YouTube page on March 23, 2016 and includes footage of Kyle Busch becoming the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion.

The 30-second ad also features the on-screen slogans: ‘Let’s Go Good Luck, Let’s Go Game Changers, Let’s Go Traditions, Let’s Go Comebacks, Let’s Go Victory Laps and Let’s Go The Extra Mile’. That’s a whole lot of Let’s Go’s.