Tommy John Commercial Song – ‘No Adjustment Needed’ Underwear

Tommy John Underwear Ad Music 2015 – Singer and song info for the new ‘The Big Adjustment’ men’s underpants TV commercial. #NoAdjustmentNeeded

Song Name: Angst In My Pants.

Band/Singer: Sparks.

Download the full track from: iTunes and Amazon.

The humours new Fall 2015 commercial for Tommy John men’s underwear features the very appropriate 1982 track ‘Angst in My Pants’, by the LA rock band Sparks. The song is the title track of the groups 11th album.

Still going today, the Sparks line-up consists of brothers Ron and Russell Mael on keyboards and vocals respectively.

This funny but true TV advert for Tommy John shows guys making the kinds of unsightly, but necessary adjustments, only fellow men can understand.

With scenes set in a wide range of environments and time periods, the video shows men dealing with the unmistakeable discomfort of a badly packaged package.

As these guys make desperate and extremely unsubtle attempts to rearrange themselves downstairs, nearby women are left looking disturbed and disgusted, not sure if these males are doing those things to themselves for comfort or pleasure.

These scenarios are then cleverly summed up with the ads accompanying slogan of ‘When you’re uncomfortable, we’re all uncomfortable.’ No doubt simply watching this ad will make many viewers themselves feel uncomfortable.

Featuring patented new features, Tommy John’s range of men’s clothing hopes to usher in a new era of comfort.

The above ‘Big Adjustment’ commercial was added to Tommy John’s official YouTube channel on October 13, 2015.