Tiffany & Co. Holiday Commercial Song – ‘Every Day is a Holiday with You’

Tiffany Commercial Song, Holidays 2015 – Singer and song information for Tiffany & Co’s new Christmas TV and YouTube ad.

Song Name: Every Day’s a Holiday.

Musician/Singer: Sophie Park.

Download the full track from: iTunes and Amazon.

With one of the best pieces of TV ad music from this years festive season, Tiffany & Co’s ‘A Tiffany Holiday’ commercial features a new song titled ‘Every Day’s a Holiday’.

Not to be confused with Katy Perry’s current H&M tune, this track is performed by the Nashville-based singer Sophie Park and was released as a single on November 10, 2015.

If you like the sound of Sophie’s vocals and are keen to hear more, you can find some of the artists other songs ‘Perfect Day’ and ‘The Two of Us’ on her 2014 EP ‘Your Kind of Beautiful’:

This Tiffany holiday commercial starts off with a man sat in the back of a cab, while stuck in snow-covered traffic. Eager to give his gift and realising he’s going to be late for his date, the guy decides to get out and walk the rest of the journey. With his present in hand, the man arrives outside the ladies apartment just in time.

The above video, which includes the slogan ‘There are gifts you give. . . and there are gifts you can’t wait to give’ was added to the official Tiffany & Co. YouTube channel on November 3, 2015.