Target Commercial Song – Trolls ‘Rock Your True Colors’

Target TV Ad Music 2016 – Singer and song information for the discount retailers ‘Target and Trolls – Rock Your True Colors’ YouTube and TV spot.

Song Name: Clap Snap.

Group/Singers: Icona Pop.

Download the full track from: Amazon & iTunes.

Letting viewers know they can ‘Find Trolls gear at Target’, this ad shows a talented young male dancer using a giant paint brush and some CGI graphics to transform a plain white room into a multi-colored one.

With the boy joined onscreen by a Troll, this 15-second commercial promotes the large range of art supplies and other fun Trolls toys and merchandise available from Target.

The song used in this ad is called ‘Clap Snap’ and is performed by the Swedish electropop/dance duo Icona Pop, who consist of ladies Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo.

Taken from the pairs ‘Emergency’ EP, Clap Snap was released for download in July, 2015.

Icona Pop rose to fame back in 2012 when their second single ‘I Love It’ featuring Charli XCX became a truly global hit, including a number 7 placing on the Billboard Hot 100 and a number 1 in the UK.

This ‘Rock Your True Colors – Flip’ video premiered on the Target YouTube channel on October 16, 2016.