Subaru Dog Tested Commercial Song – ‘Puppy’ Ad

Subaru Commercial Music 2016 – Video, artist and song information for the car manufactures great new ‘Dog Tested’ Puppy ad.

Song Name: Buster Naptime.

Artist/Musicians: Echo Boys.

Watch the extended version of Subaru’s Dog Tested Puppy commercial:

Japanese automobile manufactures Subaru have just released a selection of ‘Dog Tested’ ads, starring a variety of canine characters. We’ve so far seen five different films, including Windshield Wiper, Bad Hair Day, Doggie Bag and Phone Navigation (below), but my personal favourite has to be the above Puppy ad.

Managing to be sweet and amusing at the same time, this particular advert shows an adult Labrador Retriever driving around at night to try and get their young pup off to sleep. After the cute youngster finally nods off, the parent thinks it’s mission accomplished and heads home. Unfortunately, as soon as the door is opened the pup wakes back up and it’s time to try again.

The lovely relaxing piece of guitar music you hear playing in the commercial is called ‘Buster Naptime’ and was composed especially for the campaign by Echo Boys. At this time, the song doesn’t appear to be available for official download.

Just in case any dog owners out there were getting ideas about recreating this film themselves, some small print at the bottom of the video points out this is a dramatization, using a professional driver on a closed course – ‘Don not attempt’. That dog has taken hundreds of driving lessons in preparation for this role people.

All joking aside, it’s nice to see real dogs being used to create these ads. Providing they are well looked after, CGI will never fully replace real animals in TV advertising. If it turns out that is CGI, they’ve fooled me.

Subaru’s Dog Tested campaign launched on YouTube on January 29, 2016, perhaps in time for Super Bowl 50?