Samsung SUHD TV Commercial Music – Any Excuse

Samsung Commercial Music 2015 – Video, singers and song information for the new ‘Happy Accidents, Any Excuse’ SUHD 4K TV holiday campaign.

Song Name: You Always Hurt the One You Love.

Group/Singers: The Mills Brothers.

Download the full track from: Amazon and iTunes.

Ever had your eye on a new television, with all the latest technology, but not been able to justify the purchase because your existing box is still working fine? Well in scenes we highly recommend you don’t try to recreate for yourself, this new ad for Samsung shows people going to rather extreme lengths to ensure they need to buy a new TV.

In the above full length version of the commercial, we see a guy replace his child’s toy hammer with a real one, a lady direct her unwitting vacuuming husband to break the TV stand, a man throw his dogs ball under the unstable TV table, a woman intentionally letting her bath overflow and another guy guiding a girl into treating his TV as a pinata.

All this mindless destruction so they have an excuse to get themselves a shiny new Samsung 4K SUHDTV.

The song featured in the ad is The Mills Brothers 1944 hit ‘You Always Hurt the One You Love’.

This commercial first appeared on Samsung TV’s official YouTube channel on November 21, 2015, just in time for the holidays.