Samsung Gear S2 Commercial Music – ‘Gets Better With Every Turn’ Advert

Samsung Gear S2 Commercial Music – Artist and song information for the smartwatches 2015 ‘Gets Better With Every Turn’ TV and YouTube advert.

Song Name: House Needs a Door.

Group/Musicians: Deep East Music.

Download the full track from: iTunes or Amazon.

Samsung’s commercial for their new Gear S2 smartwatch features a tune called ‘House Needs a Door’.

The song, which was first released in 2012, is composed by Stig Hansen and published by Deep East Music Ltd.

In addition to being available to download as a single, you can also find this track on the London-based music companies ‘Block Rocking Dancefloors’ album:

The above video, which first appeared on Samsung Mobile’s official YouTube channel in early October, 2015, shows off some of the Gear S2’s new features.

The ad focuses largely on the devices ‘revolutionary’ circular UX and includes the slogan ‘Gets Better With Every Turn’. This means the Gear S2 allows users access to essential smartphone features by way of a simple twist of the bezel.

Depending on what app you happen to be using at the time, this turning motion can be used to perform such functions as zoom in or out of a map, switch between tracks while listening to music, or scroll up and down large pages of text.