Royal Caribbean Commercial Song – ‘Come Seek’

Royal Caribbean Ad Music 2015 – Song and band information for the new ‘Come Seek’ online and TV commercial.

Song Name: Get It.

Group/Singers: Matt and Kim.

Download the full track from: iTunes and Amazon.

The soundtrack to this latest ad for Royal Caribbean is provided by the Brooklyn-based alternative dance duo Matt and Kim, with their recent tune ‘Get It’.

Released for download on April 7, the song reached number 25 in the Alternative singles chart and is taken from the pairs 2015 album ‘New Glow’.

Matt and Kim formed as an indie-pop/alternative dance band back in 2004. The line-up comprises of singer and keyboard player Matt Johnson, teamed-up with singer and drummer Kim Schifino.

The above commercial video was uploaded to Royal Caribbean International’s Blog YouTube channel on the 19th of October, 2015.

The lyrics from ‘Get It’ which you hear sung in the advert are: ‘We all sing along, but the notes are wrong. Get it.’ This section of the track is then followed by a steel drums music solo.

The visual slogans you see in the video are ‘This Is Not A Cruise’, ‘You Are Not A Tourist’, ‘This Is Not The Caribbean’, ‘This Is Royal Caribbean’ and ‘Come Seek The Royal Caribbean’.