Replay Hyperskin Commercial Song – Jeans You Can Work Out In

Replay Hyperskin Commercial Music and Model – The 2015 ‘Jeans You Can Work Out In’ advert video.

Actress/Model: Irina Shayk.

Song Name: Ave Maria (Schubert).

The new ad for Replay Blue Jeans features the song Ave Maria, which was originally composed by Franz Schubert.

Over the years, many different male and female singers have recorded this piece of music. We don’t currently know who the vocalist is singing on the commercial, it sounds similar to the Gisella version, but not exactly the same.

Gisella’s and many other artists recordings of Ave Maria can be downloaded from both iTunes and Amazon.

This commercial starts off by stating: “They say there are three fundamental laws of the universe. You can’t live forever, you can’t go faster than the speed of light, and you can’t work out in jeans.”

Appearing to disprove that lesser known third rule – not widely discussed within the scientific community, a woman walks into a gym wearing Replay Hyperskin jeans. As the Russian supermodel Irina Shayk begins performing her yoga routine, onlookers heads are blown one-by-one, exploding into clouds of confetti.

Promising ‘A new Dimension in Denim Experience’ and #JeansYouCanWorkOutIn, the commercial launched on REPLAY’s YouTube channel October 28, 2015.

Presumably, owning a pair of jeans you could do a workout in, doesn’t mean you’d actually want to work out in them. I’d have thought this advertising campaign demonstrates more the Hyperskin’s elasticity for providing greater everyday comfort and practicality. I guess time will tell.