Reebok Commercial Song – ‘Be More Human’ Slide Reebok Print Running Shoes

Reebok Commercial Music 2017 – Song and singer info for the sports brands new Be More Human Reebok Print TV ad campaign.

Song Name: Apple Pie.

Band/Singer: Rafferty.

Download the full length track from: iTunes & Amazon.

Titled Slide – Be More Human, this new commercial from Reebok advertises their Print Smooth running shoes.

Although this ad hasn’t been promoted specifically on YouTube as a Super Bowl 2017 commercial, its mid-January release suggests it could potentially be broadcast during Sunday’s big game between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons.

Featuring the lyrics “Wait for me”, the song used in this ad spot is called Apple Pie. The track is performed by Rafferty and was released for download back in July, 2016.

This Slide – Be More Human video premiered on Reebok’s YouTube channel on January 17, 2017, accompanied by the hashtags #BeMoreHuman #StoriesOfProgress and #ReebokRunning.

According to one of the ads taglines, “Your shoes tell your story”.