Pepsi Commercial Song 2015 – ‘Jamal Lyon’s Train Ride’ Pepsi & Empire

Pepsi Commercial Music 2015 – Artist and song info for the latest Pepsi TV and YouTube ad, starring the Empire character Jamal Lyon.

Song Name: Ready To Go (feat. Jussie Smollett) (Pepsi Version).

Singers/Musicians: Empire Cast.

Download the full track from: iTunes and Amazon.

The song used in the new Pepsi ad campaign is titled ‘Ready To Go (Pepsi Version)’.

Performed by the cast of Fox’s musical TV drama ‘Empire’, the track features vocals from actor and singer Jussie Smollett, who plays the part of Jamal Lyon in the series.

In addition to being able to download the song on its own, you can also find it on the Deluxe version of the ‘Empire: Original Soundtrack, Season 2, Volume 1’ album.

The commercial initially shows Jamal being chauffeur driven to his next big performance, before he suddenly elects to jump out and take the subway instead. Getting up-close with his fans, the singer is quickly recognised and offered a bottle of Pepsi. After taking a sip, the sounds of ‘Ready To Go’ begin to play, getting everyone on the train dancing.

This ‘Jamal Lyon’s Train Ride – Pepsi & Empire’ video was added to the brands official YouTube channel on December 3, 2015 and quickly began racking up the views.

Set in the hip hop music and entertainment industry, the second season of Empire is currently airing in America on Fox.