PayPal Commercial Song – ‘New Money’ Super Bowl Ad

PayPal Commercial Music 2016 – Artist and song info for the ‘There’s a New Money in Town’ Super Bowl 50 TV ad.

Song Name: Confident.

Artist/Singer: Demi Lovato.

Download the full track from: iTunes & Amazon.

Move over old money, PayPal is new money, that’s the message from the online payment companies first Super Bowl commercial.

The soundtrack to this fast-paced and high-energy advert is an instrumental version of Demi Lovato’s recent single ‘Confident’. Released for download on October 16, 2015, Confident was the title track and second single to be taken from the singers fifth studio album. The song is available in both ‘explicit’ and ‘clean’ versions.

Featuring no song lyrics or talking, this PayPal film instead displays in big, bold text, the messages: New Money Is Not A Dirty World. New Money Isn’t Paper, It’s Progress. Old Money Closes At 5. New Money Is Always Open. Old Money Is Stuck In The Past. New Money Gets Better Every Day. Old Money Is These People. New Money Is All People. Move Over Old Money, There’s A New Money In Town. PayPal Is New Money.

PayPal added the above video to their official YouTube channel on February 4, 2016. The 45-second ad is scheduled to broadcast sometime during the first quarter of CBS’s big game coverage.