Old Navy Commercial Song – Gettin’ Zippy With It

Old Navy Commercial Music, Winter 2015 – Band and Song information for the clothing brands new ‘Gettin’ Zippy With It’ TV ad.

Song Name: Vacationation.

Artist/Band: Hooded Fang.

Download the full track from: Amazon & iTunes.

Old Navy’s latest commercial for their colorful winter clothing range, features a track called ‘Vacationation’.

Released in 2011, this upbeat piece of music is performed by the Canadian indie-rock band Hooded Fang. The Toronto-based group contains a mixture of musicians, singers and multi-instrumentalists.

This advert from Old Navy, which appears to have been filmed in a studio, is set in a cold, snow-covered woods. We see a mixture of women, men and children modelling the companies latest range of warm seasonal outerwear.

With the stars of the video quickly zipping and unzipping their winter jackets, Old Navy have decided to title this commercial ‘Gettin’ Zippy With It’. The clip finishes with a small child sat on a pile of their discarded garments.

The above 20 second ad was uploaded to Old Navy’s official YouTube channel on November 10, 2015.