Mercedes-Benz Commercial Song – Super Bowl 51 ‘Born to be Wild’ Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster

Mercedes Commercial Song 2017 – Full music and video info for the Mercedes-Benz Easy Driver – Born to be Wild Super Bowl 51 TV ad, starring actor Peter Fonda.

Song Name: Born to be Wild.

Singer/Band: Steppenwolf.

Download the full track from: iTunes and Amazon.

Mercedes-Benz have spared no expense in producing this new commercial for their AMG GT Roadster, enlisting the services of The Coen Brothers Joel and Ethan to direct, and legendary actor Peter Fonda to star onscreen.

The film sees a group of bikers playing pool, drinking and brawling at a roadside bar, before one of the gang walks in to inform everyone that their motorcycles have been blocked in.

Inevitably the gang storm outside to find out just who’s crazy enough to park in front of their choppers, only to discover the offending vehicle is a Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster being driven by their idol and Easy Rider star Peter Fonda.

From there Fonda compliments the gang, telling them “Nice rides”, to which a female biker responds “Still looking good”. The actor then starts up his engine and drives off into the sunset.

Titled Easy Driver, this Super Bowl 51 commercial premiered on the Mercedes-Benz USA YouTube channel on January 27, 2017 and is already racking up the views.

As you’re probably already aware, the song featured in this ad spot is Born to be Wild, a track released back in 1968 by the Canadian-American rock band Steppenwolf. Born to be Wild appeared the following year on the soundtrack to Peter Fonda’s hit American road movie Easy Rider.