Lyft Commercial Song – Riding is the New Driving

Lyft Commercial Music 2016 – Song and artist information for the ride-sharing companies new ‘Riding is the New Driving’ TV ad.

Song Name: Di-Gue-Ding-Ding.

Artist/Musician: Michel Legrand.

Download the full track from: iTunes & Amazon.

The soundtrack to Lyft’s brand-new ‘Riding is the New Driving’ commercial comes from the French composer Michel Legrand.

Taken from the musicians 1964 album ‘Archi-Cordes’, the song is titled ‘Di-Gue-Ding-Ding’.

Lyft’s first national TV ad campaign portrays car ownership as an increasingly unpleasant experience and offers their ride-sharing service as the modern-day solution.

The 60-second commercial shows a group of drivers stuck in traffic, along with many of the other negative sides to driving. There’s a guy moving along Homer-style with a wheel clamp attached, a possible DUI, a broken down sports car, a woman driving into the vehicle ahead while she puts on her make-up, the commonly encountered escaped circus animal scenario and of course, parking tickets.

The film ends when one woman finally decides she’s had enough and uses the Lyft app to call a lift. I’m not exactly sure how Lyft drivers are exempt from traffic, but I guess you at least don’t have to worry about parking or watching your alcohol consumption.

This #RidingistheNewDriving spot premiered on Lyft’s YouTube page on April 25, 2016.