Lowes Foods Holiday Commercial Song 2015 #BeFull

Lowes Foods Stores Commercial Music, Holidays 2015 – Band, song and lyrics information for Lowes new ‘Be Full’ Christmas TV ad.

Song Name: The Days To Be Home.

Singer/Band: My Double, My Brother.

Download the full length version from: iTunes & Amazon.

The soundtrack to this years Lowes Foods holiday ad is provided by the Californian indie rock band My Double, My Brother.

Released for download on November 16, 2015, this new festive-themed track is called ‘The Days To Be Home’.

Some of the songs lyrics that you hear in the Lowes commercial are: ‘And grandpa will fall asleep after we all eat, don’t wake him we’ll just change the show. The cousins are wrestling, but grandma wants to sing, the carols that nobody knows. Let fall the feeling that falls like snow. . . ‘Cause the holidays are the days to be home.’

My Double, My Brother are a five-piece group consisting of singer and guitarist Joel Hasemeyer, keyboard player Beau Knechtel, guitarist Andy Leong, bassist Evan Eliason and drummer Matt Bushyeager.

The above #BeFull video was added to Lowes Foods Stores YouTube channel on November 24, 2015. The film shows scenes from a family Christmas gathering which many viewers may find familiar.

There’s a dad happy to welcome home his daughter, before being surprised to learn she’s brought a new boyfriend with her. Then we see the family going outside for a game of football, before sitting around a full table for dinner.