Levi’s Commercial Song 2017 – ‘Nothing Like This’ Sea of Blue

Levi’s Commercial Music 2017: Song and singer info for the latest Live In Levi’s – Sea of Blue YouTube and TV ad spot.

Song Name: Nothin’ Like This.

Singer/Band: The Phantoms.

Download the full length song from: Amazon & iTunes.

This new commercial from Levi’s gives viewers an idea of what they may be missing out on, when they spend all their time checking their phones, instead of checking out those around them in the real world.

In a scenario that’s unfortunately not much of an exaggeration of reality, the film shows a party packed with people happier to chat on social media than talk to the person next to them.

However, one guy and one girl realise they are the exceptions and instead have a brief chat on their pretend phones, before meeting by the pool for some more hands-on interaction.

Featuring the lyrics ‘You ain’t seen nothing like this’, the song playing in this Levi’s TV ad is indeed titled Nothin’ Like This and is performed by American rock band The Phantoms.

Taken from the groups Take The World, Vol. 2 EP, Nothin’ Like This was released for download in August, 2016.

This Live In Levi’s – Sea of Blue commercial premiered on the jeans and denim brands YouTube channel on February 13, 2017.