KOOVS Commercial Song – Step Into KOOVS.COM

KOOVS India Commercial Music 2015 – Artist and song information for the ‘I know what to do today’ Step Into KOOVS.COM TV and internet campaign.

Song Name: Hours.

Artist/Singer: Son of Kick (feat. Lady Leshurr & Paigey Cakey).

Download the full track from: Amazon and iTunes.

This brand-new ad for online fashion retailer KOOVS.COM, uses a song called ‘Hours’ by Son of Kick. The track features British rappers Lady Leshurr and Paigey Cakey.

Dance fans out there may also notice a brief appearance in the club scene of the video, by teenage YouTube sensation Dytto.

KOOVS film shows a young man and woman teleporting to a variety of locations around the world, by jumping into floating items of clothing. With each leap, the pair find themselves in a different environment, before finally meeting up in the back of a pick-up truck, driving across a bridge. Apparently not in the mood for kissing, the girl then takes off on one more journey.

Created by the UK advertising agency Grey London, with director Martin Krejci, the above commercial premiered on KOOVS official YouTube channel on November 22, 2015.

Koovs.com is an online fashion retailer based in New Delhi, India, with headquarters in Gurgaon and an office in London. The company sells men’s and women’s clothing for the Indian market.