Kohl’s Commercial Song – Holidays ‘All Together Now’

Kohl’s Commercial Music 2015 – Song information for this years ‘Celebrate Togetherness’ holidays TV and online ad.

Song Name: All Together Now.

Download the original Beatles version from: iTunes.

Kohl’s new holiday season ad features a cover of The Beatles 1969 record ‘All Together Now’. The tune was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and recorded at Abbey Road Studios.

As is the case with much of The Beatles music, the song has since been covered by more artists than you can keep track of. Some notable versions include Andre 3000’s effort for a 2010 Nike campaign and The Muppets 1994 ‘Kermit Unpigged’ recording.

We’re not sure who’s singing the cover you hear playing in the above commercial, though it’s very possible that this is a brand-new version composed especially for Kohl’s.

The ad shows a group of family, friends and cute puppies getting together to celebrate the holiday season, all with the help of the latest kitchen appliances and accessories from such brands as Kitchen Aid, Food Network, Calphalon and Cuisinart.

I couldn’t help but notice there also seems to be something of a Star Wars theme to this ad, with the little boy first wearing a branded t-shirt, then later seeing him cooking in an R2-D2 apron. Anybody would think there was a new movie coming out.

Finishing with the slogan #AllTogetherNow, this video first appeared in Kohl’s YouTube page on November 16, 2015.