iPad Pro Commercial Song – Sound & Color

iPad Pro Commercial Music 2015 – Song and artist information for Apple’s new ‘A Great Big Universe’ TV and internet ad.

Song Name: Sound & Color.

Singer/Band: Alabama Shakes.

Download the full track from: iTunes & Amazon.

Apple’s first commercial for the iPad Pro includes a song called ‘Sound & Color’, which is performed by the American soul/rock band Alabama Shakes.

The track features on the groups most recent album, also titled ‘Sound & Color’, which was released for download in April, 2015.

This debut TV ad for the iPad Pro shows viewers some impressive CGI visuals of outer space. We’re shown some complex galaxies, colourful dust clouds and a supernova, as well as sights from slightly closer to home, such as the rings of Saturn and Jupiter’s Great Red Spot.

It’s probably no coincidence the two planets chosen for the advert happen to be the biggest in our solar system, with the iPad Pro becoming Apple’s largest ever tablet. The device boasts a 12.9 inch display, with a 2732 x 2048 resolution. That gives the screen an impressive 264 pixels per square inch, which is actually a higher resolution than the smaller iOS devices.

Prices start in the US at $799 for the 32GB Wi-Fi-only model, and £679 in the UK for the equivalent specifications.

The ‘A Great Big Universe’ commercial was posted to Apple’s YouTube page on November 9, 2015.