Huawei Commercial Song, Christmas – ‘Be Present’ Holiday Season Advert

Huawei Christmas Commercial Song 2016 – Music and singer info for the mobile phone brands Be Present – Put Your Smartphone Aside holiday ad campaign. #BePresent

Song Name: Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime (The Korgis cover).

Composer/Singer: Tomer Biran & Anat Ben hemo.

Huawei’s new Christmas commercial sees a young boy and his dog fed up with the lack of attention from the rest of their family.

With the mother busy working on her laptop, his sister sharing selfies and his dad using his phone to watch sport, this advert shows a family suffering from a serious lack of communication and personal contact. An all too real problem in today’s modern world.

Luckily the boys Christmas wish soon comes true as he’s joined around the tree by his family, minus their electronic devices.

Encouraging families and friends around the world to put down their tablets, laptops and phones this Christmas, the advert finishes with the message “Once a year, put your smartphone aside”.

Although the above video features an English title and onscreen text, it was originally posted to the Huawei Mobile Poland YouTube channel on November 21, 2016.

Featuring the lyrics “I need your lovin like the sunshine”, the soundtrack to this advert is a cover of the 1980 song Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime by British pop group The Korgis.

This new version we hear in the ad was created by Tomer Biran, with vocals from the female singer Anat Ben hemo. Although this cover doesn’t yet appear to be released as a single for download, you can listen to more of it in the video below: