Hollister California TV Commercial Song 2017 – ‘Your Helium’ Don’t Wait For Spring Break

Hollister Co. California Commercial Music 2017 – Singer and song info for the clothing brands new Don’t Wait For Spring Break YouTube and TV ad. #DontWaitForSpringBreak

Song Name: Helium.

Artist/Singer: Mikey Wax.

Download the full track from: Amazon and iTunes.

This latest TV commercial for Hollister California, or Hollister Co. as they are also known, tells viewers not to wait for Spring Break, but instead to live now, explore more and wander further.

When I first saw this ad, I initially thought the lyrics being sung were “I could be your hero”, but after listening properly I realised it was “I could be your helium”.

Titled Helium, this track was first released for download in September, 2016 and is performed by the American musician and singer-songwriter Mikey Wax.

The lyrics to Helium we hear sung in this ad are:

When the road is long. When you’re feeling low.
With every breath, don’t forget how far you’ve come.
When it’s late at night. When you’re all alone.
I’ll lift you up. I could be your helium.

Showing a group of guys and girls having lots of fun in the sun, this 30-second Don’t Wait For Spring Break video premiered on the Hollister Co. YouTube channel on January 27, 2017.