HEINZ Ketchup Commercial Song – ‘Meet The Ketchups’ Hot Dog Super Bowl Ad

HEINZ Commercial Music 2016 – Band and song information for the new Meet The Ketchups ‘Hot Dog – Wiener Stampede’ Super Bowl 50 Game Day ad. #MeetTheKetchups

Song Name: Without You.

Artist/Singer: Harry Nilsson.

Download the full song from: iTunes & Amazon.

HEINZ’s brilliant new ketchup commercial features Harry Nilsson’s 1971 version of the classic ballad ‘Without You’.

As this is arguably the most recognisable and successful recording of the song, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s the original. However, the track was in fact created a year earlier by the British rock band Badfinger, who Breaking Bad fans should be familiar with from their 1972 single ‘Baby Blue’.

Despite Mariah Carey’s 1994 version becoming a big hit in its own right, her effort couldn’t out do Harry Nilsson’s classic cover, which managed to top both the Billboard Hot 100 and UK Singles Chart.

To help boost your appetite for this Sunday’s Super Bowl, Heinz’s new ketchup ad brings us a ‘Hot Dog Wiener Stampede’. The commercial shows dozens of adorable Dachshunds, which are also known as wiener or sausage dogs, dressed in funny hot dog outfits. We see the pack run through a field before diving on a group of humans dressed in Heinz ketchup and sauce outfits. Nothing unusual about that eh?

This ‘Meet The Ketchups’ video, which was uploaded to the official Heinz YouTube page on January 31, 2016, has already received over 3 million views.