H&M Commercial Song, Spring – ‘Everybody’s Got a Song to Sing’

H&M Commercial Music, Spring 2016 – Song and lyrics information for the clothing retailers ‘After School Sessions – New Spring Collection’ ad campaign.

Song Name: Everybody’s Got a Song to Sing.

Original Artist/Singers: Chairmen of the Board.

Download the original version from: iTunes & Amazon.

H&M’s new ‘After School Sessions’ commercial shows a group of children singing a cover of Chairmen of the Board’s 1972 song ‘Everybody’s Got a Song to Sing’.

Although this re-recording doesn’t appear to have been released as a single, you can still download the excellent original version from Amazon and iTunes.

The lyrics sung by the kids in the ad go something like this: ‘Everybody’s got a song to sing, a little joy to bring, go on and do your thing. . . I see the world as a stage, we’re all a choir. Some voices soar, some reach it higher. Don’t fear the others overshadow you, ’cause your voice is still coming through. . .’

Probably best known for their debut single ‘Give Me Just a Little More Time’, Chairmen of the Board were a soul group from Detroit, Michigan, who enjoyed much of their success during the 1970’s.

H and M’s ad showcases a selection of the fashion brands Spring kids collection. The video premiered on the companies YouTube page on March 31, 2016 and has now been watched more than 400,000 times.