Glade Christmas Commercial Song – Peace On Earth ‘Feel Joy’

Glade Commercial Music 2015/2016 – Singer and song info for ‘The Greatest Gift, Feel Joy’ Winter Collection TV and internet ad.

Song Name: This Is My Wish.

Artist/Singer: Adam Brock (Unconfirmed).

Currently unavailable for download.

You can download the Kevin Ross version from iTunes.

This years Glade Holiday commercial features a new cover of ‘This Is My Wish’, which we believe is performed by the musician Adam Brock.

Adam, who is a member of the band Old Wave, has previously recorded original ad music for such brands as Wells Fargo and KFC.

Although this latest cover of ‘This Is My Wish’ isn’t available to download right now, you can still listen to the full length version via SoundCloud below, under the title of Glade Holiday:

In recent years, different versions of Glade’s holiday song has been performed by such singers as Kevin Ross in 2014 and Jordin Sparks in 2013.

On a very similar theme to the Toys R Us 2015 Christmas commercial, Glade’s video shows a lady spreading a little seasonal cheer by reaching out to an elderly neighbour. There’s no tree this time, but instead some festive lights put up outside the gentleman’s home. I’m not sure who’s power supply she’s got them connected up to though, seeing how she lives across the street.

Promoting Glade’s Winter Collection range of scented candles, the above advertisement was originally added to the companies official YouTube page back in November, 2015.