Fiat Tipo Commercial Music – I’m Not Rich

Fiat Commercial Song 2016 – Singers and music information for the new ‘I’m not rich, but I live like a millionaire’ Fiat Tipo advertisement.

Song Name: I’m Not Rich.

Artist/Singers: The King’s Son (feat. Blacko/Shaggy).

Download the full length track from: iTunes & Amazon.

Fiat’s ad campaign for the new Tipo includes a song titled ‘I’m Not Rich’, which was released for download in November, 2015.

The track is performed by the Caribbean Ragga/Reggae/Pop group The King’s Son, with other recordings featuring the French singer Karl Appela, aka Blacko, or Jamaican reggae fusion artist Shaggy.

As you may have noticed from listening to the ad, the song includes the lyrics ‘I’m not rich, but I live like a millionaire in the world. But I do, I care about me and you.’

The above video was originally added to Fiat’s YouTube page on January 28, 2016. As is now pretty standard with TV car commercials, the ad shows the Tipo being driven around a variety of otherwise empty city and country roads.

According to Fiat, the new Tipo is designed for efficiency and offers all the room you need in a car that’s just 4.5 metres long. The Italian manufacture promises a complete range of equipment as standard, along with a unique design and excellent fuel economy. Fitting in with the ads lyrics, Fiat say: ‘You don’t need much to get a lot.’