Fiat 500S Commercial Song – Tested For Bad Boys

Fiat Commercial Music, Summer 2016 – Soundtrack and artist info for the Italian car manufacturer’s new ‘Tested For Bad Boys – What Bad Boys Drive’ Fiat 500S YouTube and TV ad.

Song Name: Bad Boys.

Artists/Rappers: El Freaky ft. Mr Lexx & Cybertronics.

Download the full song from: iTunes & Amazon.

This amusing commercial for the sporty new Fiat 500S finishes with a recent piece of music by the Colombian group El Freaky Colectivo.

Also featuring artists Mr Lexx and Cybertronics, the track was released for download last December.

Fiat’s comical new ad for the 500S shows their technicians checking the car will stand up to a tough life on the road, with one guy keen to make the test ultra realistic.

Watching the over-enthusiastic worker repeatedly slamming the Fiat’s door, kicking its tyre and hitting the hood with his bag in particularly camp fashion, later makes more sense when we see the vehicle undergoing the exact same punishment at the hands of its ‘bad boy’ owners angry female friend.

Running for 41 seconds, this ‘Tested for bad boyS – What bad boyS drive’ commercial was added to FIAT USA’s YouTube channel on June 14, 2016.