Express Commercial Song, Spring – ‘Your Life, Your Dress Code’ Starring Model Karlie Kloss

Express Clothing Commercial Song, Spring 2017: Music, band and model info to the new Your Life, Your Dress Code ad for women’s fashion brand Express.

Song Title: In The Grace Of Your Love.

Singer/Band: The Rapture.

Download the full track from: iTunes & Amazon.

This brand new ad spot for the women’s clothing label Express tells viewers it’s ‘Your Life, Your Dress Code’.

The commercial stars American fashion model Karlie Kloss, who we see at the end of the video, closing the doors while wearing a long red dress.

Providing the music for this promotional film are New York City rock band The Rapture, with their song
In The Grace Of Your Love.

This track is taken from the groups 2011 album of the same name, which was released for download back in 2011.

Just as the lead guitar begins on In The Grace Of Your Love, the commercial unfortunately shows a man supposedly pretending to play the rift on a bass guitar.

The 60-second Your Life, Your Dress Code video premiered on the EXPRESS YouTube channel on February 27, 2017.