DKNY Commercial Song – ‘Be Delicious, Be Desired’ Ad

DKNY Commercial Music – Lyrics, singer and song info for Donna Karan New York’s ‘Be Delicious – Be Desired’ Advert.

Song Name: Love Is Love.

Band/Singer: TeamMate.

Download the full song from: Amazon & iTunes.

The track you hear playing in this latest DKNY ad is titled ‘Love Is Love’, which was first released for download in June of 2013.

The song is performed by LA-based indie-pop duo Scott Simons and Dani Buncher, who are collectively known as TeamMate.

Those lyrics from Love Is Love that you hear sung in the ad are: ‘Lets spill into the streets, fall in love to the beat. We all gotta love somebody, somebody hold us back. Love is love. . . So c’mon.

Set in a modern day, city rooftop version of The Garden of Eden, this DKNY commercial promotes the brands ‘Be Delicious’ and ‘Be Desired’ varieties of Women Eau de Parfum. Gradually removing their clothes as they go, ‘Adam’ follows ‘Eve’ to an apple tree. After taking a bite of the forbidden fruit, Eve’s apple then transforms into the Donna Karan fragrance.

This video was uploaded to the official DKNY YouTube channel on October 7, 2015 and has also been divided up into a number of shorter clips.