Coca-Cola Commercial Song – ‘Taste the Feeling’

Coca-Cola Commercial Music 2016 – Video, singer, song and lyrics information for Coke’s new line-up of TV and YouTube adverts.

Song Name: Taste the Feeling.

Artist/Singer: Avicii and Conrad Sewell.

Download the full track from: iTunes & Amazon.

The soundtrack to Coca-Cola’s new 2016 TV ad is provided by the Australian singer-songwriter Conrad Sewell, with his new track ‘Taste the Feeling’.

Despite Coke describing Conrad as a newcomer, the 27-year-old has already had a big hit single, providing vocals on Kygo’s 2014 record ‘Firestone’. Coincidentally that track was used on a UK ad for Sony 4K TV’s.

It appears at this time that Taste the Feeling has not been officially released for download, but you can listen to the full length song in the video below. Personally I hope this does get released as a single because I think it could prove a popular tune in the year ahead. UPDATE: The full song is now available to download:

The lyrics to this catchy songs chorus go like this: ‘No one can stop, me when I taste the feeling. Nothing could ever bring me, down. No one can stop, me when I taste the feeling. Nothing could ever bring, me down.’

With other parts of the song including the lines ‘We can, watch the waves, have a Coke and just sit here beside me’ and ‘Grab another Coke and let’s dive in’, it’s pretty clear these lyrics were written especially for this Coca-Cola advertising campaign.

Both the ‘Anthem’ commercial and the song video above were added to YouTube on January 19, 2016, with versions being released in many different languages for audiences all over the world.