Cillit Bang Commercial Song and Video – ‘The Mechanic’ Advert

Cillit Bang Commercial Music 2016 – Video, actor and song information for CB’s brand-new ‘The Mechanic/Almost Makes Cleaning Exciting’ YouTube and TV ad.

Song Name: Cover version of ‘Maniac’.

Download the original Michael Sembello ‘Flashdance’ version from: iTunes & Amazon.

HI I’M BARRY SCOTT!! Wait, where is he? If that’s Barry, then he’s looking a lot younger than I remember and he’s learnt some serious moves.

The star of this new Cillit Bang ad is actually the American dancer Daniel ‘Cloud’ Campos who, amongst other things, is famous for performing on stage with Madonna.

This high-energy commercial, which premiered on Cillit Bang’s YouTube channel on January 4, 2016, sees Cloud play the role of a young mechanic, forced to work through the night to get the garage clean.

With the help of Cillit Bang and a classic 80’s tune, Cloud’s character turns the task into an epic dance routine, incorporating a number of very athletic manoeuvres. By the time morning comes and his boss (who clearly has no regard for labor laws) returns, the garage is left looking transformed and as good as new.

The soundtrack to this commercial is a reorchestration of the song ‘Maniac’, also called ‘She’s a Maniac’, which featured in the 1983 film Flashdance. We don’t currently know who’s singing this cover, or if it will be released for download. However, the original version performed by Michael Sembello can still be purchased.

If you’d like to find out more about how this Cillit Bang ad was made, check out this special making of video: