How often have you been sat watching TV when a commercial pops up featuring a song you like, but don’t know the name of?

Whether due to a voice over getting in the way or simply not being able to hear it for long enough, it can be hard to pick out any clues to the mystery tunes identity. This can be made even harder again if the music clip used in the ad contains no lyrics. Basically all you know is that the track was used in a particular TV commercial.

Well that’s where we come in. By researching the soundtracks to the latest and most popular ads, we can inform you what the name of the song was and who it’s by.

As long as you know what company, product or service the campaign was promoting, you’ll have a great chance of finding that illusive song.

Then, if you really like the track, we can also direct you to where the official full length version can be downloaded.

Many of the most successful chart songs in history were first heard on a TV commercial. So when you notice that next big tune, you know where to find it.